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Braking Systems Required on a Zipline

Ziplines with arrival speeds 6-MPH and greater are required to have brake system according to the standards. The Association for Challenge Course Technology leads most standards and requires a emergency brake or an Emergency Arrest Device (EAD) for zipline arrival speeds above 5-MPH. 

Spring arrays are easy to inspect and easy to install. The CEO of, Michael "Troy" Richardson has designed zipline braking systems for 23-years that keep you safer. Most ski resorts utilize his auto braking zipline trolley technology. 

Most ziplines have a low point before the arrival platform. Always measure your zipline's speed with the heaviest zipliner (e.g., 230 pounds) on the coldest day of operations; Why? because zipline speeds are faster in cold temperatures (the cable gets shorter) and with more rider weight that increases momentum. For instance, most ziplines limit the weight of riders because light weight zipliners stop too soon and the heavier zipliner's arrive to fast.

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