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Are you ready for the new braking standards from ASTM F2959 and the ACCT? Let us help you. We've sold friction braking trolleys and spring braking systems for over 23 years, and we're back.

Last year a zipline insurance company predicted 10,000 accidents: we at Momentum Engineering know over half of the accidents are braking-related.

Our Zipline Braking Products create a 3:1 safety factor, because we sell Fail-safe Trolleys and Spring Arrays. We stop Zipliners, so you won't have to.

Please check out my Zipline Braking Solutions YouTube Channel. (I developed it this semester in ENGL6480 as I finish my Technical Writing graduate program at Utah Tech University.) Also if you visit my website www.ziplinebrakingsolutions.com doesn't show special prices for zipline builders. And my first YT channel Troy Richardson Accident-Free Braking Systems has almost 100 zipline testing and spring installation videos.

My second YT channelZip Safe with Momentum Engineering has 50+ videos.

We are on our 5th generation fail-safe zipline trolley and 2nd generation spring systems meet or exceed the standards.

We offer an 8-hour training supplement to help ziplines with incident and documentation reporting.

Park City Mountain Resort
  • American Adventure Park Systems

    Historic Banning Mills, Georgia, USA

  • Aerial Parks

    Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

  • TouchCloud Global

    Mona Vale, NSM, Australia

  • Mike Wake (Aerial Parks)

    Our braking system design improved with friction braking trolleys. We also utilize their Barrel/Telescoping springs which have provided an Emergency Brake that stands alone, with no participant resetting requirement.

  • Ken Moore (Robertson Harness)

    "Troy's Friction Braking Trolleys and barrel spring systems are excellent for any zip line. I witnessed that their trolleys could stop 275 lbs. and 35 lbs. in the same location, using the pin placement designed for the zipline's slope. Their braking products will reduce your risks and your zipline's braking risk!"

  • FREE Arrival Speed Evaluations (Call Us)

    Our fail-safe trolley (two friction brakes) is designed to safely slow zipliners, without the two-wheeled risk. Call 435-272-2389 or email us troy@ziplinedoctors.com as to provide us with your zipline's details.

  • Place an Order

    Our products are made in the USA with a 100% money-back guarantee. When ready and you're determined to buy the best products for your zipline, let us know how you hear of us and receive a 10% discount off your purchase.

  • Easy Installation & Maintenance

    In 30 minutes—after installing our springs—you could be stopping 6-MPH, 200-lb zipliners safely! Our products won’t take HOURS to
    OR DAYS install!
    Like magnetic braking systems that require annual recertification and a day or more to install; and daily inspections could take hours.

    (Our products last up to four years.)

10 Page Operation Manual

Most operation manuals are up to 150 pages and filled with technical jargon that's impossible to understand without a bachelors degree.

Our manuals are short and easy to read and follow the 2010 US Plain Language Act. Our manuals incorporate hyperlinks with informative videos and standards.

Request Manual

Simple Spring Array Assembly

Aerial Adventure Expert Witness

Michael "Troy" Richardson is a world-class zipline expert with 22+ years of experience building and developing better aerial amusement ride systems.

He has a 95% success rate with attorneys in 30+ states. Whether you're the plaintiff or the defendant, he will let you know if he can help.

Granite Insurance predicted nearly 15 accidents (per 100,000) for 2022, when in 2020 the accident numbers were 6-7, and half were zipline braking related.

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