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Zipline Safety

Experience the thrill without the worry. Discover our fail-safe braking solutions.

Expertise You Can Trust

Over 21 years of zipline safety innovation backed by real-world experience and expertise.

Why Zipline Braking Solutions

FREE Arrival Speed Evaluations

Our fail-safe trolley (two friction brakes) is designed to safely slow zipliners, without the two-wheeled risk.

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Our products are made in the USA with a 100% money-back guarantee

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Our products won’t take HOURS OR DAYS to install! In 30 minutes--after installing our springs-you could be stopping 6-MPH, 200-lb zipliners safely!

Expertise in Motion: Improving Zipline Safety

Beyond pioneering the future of zipline braking systems, Troy Richardson offers his extensive knowledge as an Aerial Adventure Subject Matter Expert. With a legacy of safety innovation, Troy is available for accident analysis, expert witness services, and consultancy to improve your zipline operation's safety protocols. Leverage Troy's expertise to navigate the complexities of zipline safety standards and ensure your adventure park stands above the rest in safety and reliability.

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Hear From Our Clients

“Our braking system design improved with friction braking trolleys. We also utilize their Barrel/Telescoping springs which have provided an Emergency Brake that stands alone, with no participant resetting requirement.”

Testimonial name

Testimonial name

Mike Wake (Aerial Parks)

"Troy's Friction Braking Trolleys and Barrel Spring systems are excellent for any zipline. I witnessed that their trolleys could stop 275 lbs. and 35 lbs. in the same location, using the pin placement designed for the zipline's slope. Their braking products will reduce your risks and your zipline's braking risk!"

Testimonial name

Testimonial name

Ken Moore (Robertson Harness)

“Zipline Braking Solutions provided our zipline with over 200 Barrel/Telescoping Springs this year. They sell Emergency Brakes! Other companies selling zipline brake systems cannot claim they sell true emergency brakes.

Testimonial name

Testimonial name

Matt S.