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Meet Michael Troy Richardson

Zipline Expert & Seven-time U.S. Patent Holder

Mr. Richardson, an Aerial Adventure Subject Matter Expert, brings decades of experience, education, and knowledge to elevate industry standards and practices for seven years. With a background in physics, engineering, and technical writing, he assists attorneys, zipline owners, and enthusiasts, serving in various roles in civil matters. His reputation and credibility make him a formidable ally, leading clients to successful resolutions.

Strengthen Your Case

Troy is a Product Design Engineer, Master Machinist, Board-Certified Welder, and Physics Expert boasting decades of industry experience. As an owner/operator/trainer in Gyms, Adventure Parks, and Theme Parks, he holds multiple US Patents for Aerial Adventure Safety Devices. A spring designer, Troy has accumulated over 30 semester hours of Advanced Physics in continuing education as of 2021.

The People Have Spoken

"I utilized Mr. Richardson’s services on a zipline death case and on a trampoline injury case. I was extremely happy with his services in both cases!"

Rex Curtis Bush

Rex Curtis Bush

AttorneyBush Law Firm

“Momentum Engineering, LLC provided our

Zipline with over 200 Barrel/Telescoping springs this year. They sell Emergency Brakes! Other companies selling zipline brake systems cannot claim they sell true Emergency Brakes”

Matt S.

Matt S.

“After you have had a chance to review the video, please kindly call me to discuss. ... I need to know exactly what I’m dealing with.  And I have several questions for which your input would be greatly appreciated.”

Bill Bernam

Bill Bernam