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RST-23 Auto-Braking Test Trolley

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This trolley is for testing purposes only. Testing on your course will vary, so take time to determine the pin placements you need for yours. We recommend adding additional pin placements to account for changing temperatures during your season.

  • Order a Test Trolley

    Order the FREE test trolley so you can determine the exact pin placement needed for your actual zipline trolley.

  • Determine Pin Placement

    Use the test trolley on your course to determine the perfect pin placement for the desired speed.

  • Return the Test Trolley

    Return the test trolley to us within 30 days to avoid a $395 collection. If you are satisfied with the test trolley, you can then purchase one for your course.

Order an Auto Braking Trolley

Once you've bought the test trolley and determined the pin placement for your course, you can conveniently purchase an auto braking trolley with the pin placement already configured.

Purchase Trolley