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All of our products are made in the U.S. Our trolleys and zipline springs are engineered to provide the highest factor of safety possible.

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US10471971B2 | US8424460B2 | US6666773B1 | US20210061316A1

RST-23 Test Trolley

Just getting started with our zipline systems?

Start with the test trolley to determine the correct pin placements for your course.

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RST-23 Auto Braking Trolley

This passive braking trolley slows all riders the same, regardless of weight.

Simply adjust the carabiner to the desired slot (according to zipline slope) and leave it there.

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Barrel Springs

Our barrel-shaped springs are unique because they don't have linear compression like traditional springs. This significantly reduces the force of initial impact, making the ride extremely safe and enjoyable.

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