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Zipline Braking System With Springs

Zipline Braking System

In 2016, I co-authored "Zipline Injuries on the Rise" with Rex Bush, Esq., published on and in Utah Trial Journal (2017). The article said that zipline injuries were increasing, and a Granite Insurance–North Carolina (NC) presentation validated the article at the 2020 virtual Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) Conference and Expo. They told participants that 6 to 7 of every 100,000 zipliners.

In a 2023 article, Cameron Annas, CEO of Granite Insurance (NC) was published saying in 2022, there were 4.23 zipline accidents (per 100,000) and predicted a 3.5 times (i.e., 4.23 x 3.5 = 14.8) increase over the next four years. That means nearly 15 zipline accidents per 100,000 for a 2022 season (See Adventure Park Insider Magazine, Spring 2023 (pp. 42-45).
Should spring arrays (min. six spring array) or stand alone emergency brakes be made mandatory? The History above says, YES!

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