Determining how many springs you will need is easy! Simply take the incoming speed of your rider and for each mph, you need that many springs. (ex... 20mph zipline needs 20 springs).

Zipline Braking System With Springs

Zipline Braking System

In 2016, I co-authored "Zipline Injuries on the Rise" with Rex Bush, Esq., published on and in Utah Trial Journal (2017). The article said that zipline injuries were increasing, and a Granite Insurance–North Carolina (NC) presentation validated the article at the 2020 virtual Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) Conference and Expo. They told participants that 6 to 7 of every 100,000 zipliners.

In a 2023 article, Cameron Annas, CEO of Granite Insurance (NC) was published saying in 2022, there were 4.23 zipline accidents (per 100,000) and predicted a 3.5 times (i.e., 4.23 x 3.5 = 14.8) increase over the next four years. That means nearly 15 zipline accidents per 100,000 for a 2022 season (See Adventure Park Insider Magazine, Spring 2023 (pp. 42-45).
Should spring arrays (min. six spring array) or stand alone emergency brakes be made mandatory? The History above says, YES!

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